The O’Carolan Quartet

By The O’Carolan Quartet

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  1. Carolan’s Welcome
  2. John O’Connor
    Lady Wrixon
  3. Fanny Power
  4. Carolan’s Receipt
  5. Captain Sudley
  6. Blind Mary
  7. Miss MacDermott
  8. Bridget Cruise
  9. Carolan’s Draught
  10. Squire Woods Lamentation
  11. George Brabazon
  12. Lady Gethin
  13. Mrs Judge
  14. Lord Inchiquin
  15. Clergy’s Lamentation
  16. Carolan’s Farewell To Music

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The O’Carolan Quartet

The O‘Carolan Quartet was started by South Australian uilleann piper Jack BRENNAN. The recording was made in 1994 and the line up of instruments was Uilleann pipes/Whistles played by Jack BRENNAN, Harp played by Maire LAWRIE, Cello played by Jenny SMITH and Violin played by Bartley O’Donnell. All the music was composed by the blind Irish Harper Turloch O‘Carolan in the late 1600s early 1700s. The music is best described as Irish Baroque. O’Carolan himself was greatly influenced by the Italian Baroque composers such as Gemeniani.

I know this was posted 10 years ago but I have just got a copy of the CD and it is truly magnificent - a treasure.