Beauty In Tears

By The O’Carolan Quartet

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  1. Planxty Irwin
  2. Beauty In Tears
  3. Hewlett
  4. The Queen’s Marsh
  5. Blind Mary
  6. Maurice O’Connor
    Thomas Leixlip The Proud
  7. Miss Hamilton
  8. Lady Dillon
  9. Chanter’s Tune
  10. Roslyn Castle
  11. Eleanor Plunkett
    The Munster Cloak
  12. O’Carolan’s Dream
  13. Mrs Edwards
  14. Moran’s Return
  15. Si Beag Si Mor
  16. O’Carolan’s Concerto

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"Beauty In Tears" The O’Carolan Quartet

Another recording by Jack BRENNAN’S South Australian Irish/Baroque group "The O’Carolan Quartet". On this recording Jack BRENNAN is playing Uilleann pipes/Whistles, Lorene Roper Harp, Renate FAAST Violin, and Jenny SMITH Cello. Mainly the music of Turloch Carolan the blind Irish harper from the late 1600s early 1700s.

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Please try changing track one to pLanxty and then it might link to the tune archive.
Miss/Lady Hamilton is a great tune but it isn’t by Carolan as far as I know. Likewise Roslyn Castle - Scottish tune.

If you read the text Donough it states "MAINLY" the music of Turloch Carolan, I thought this meant not all tunes are by him.

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