Beauty In Tears

By The O’Carolan Quartet

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"Beauty In Tears" The O’Carolan Quartet

Another recording by Jack BRENNAN’S South Australian Irish/Baroque group "The O’Carolan Quartet". On this recording Jack BRENNAN is playing Uilleann pipes/Whistles, Lorene Roper Harp, Renate FAAST Violin, and Jenny SMITH Cello. Mainly the music of Turloch Carolan the blind Irish harper from the late 1600s early 1700s.

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Please try changing track one to pLanxty and then it might link to the tune archive.
Miss/Lady Hamilton is a great tune but it isn’t by Carolan as far as I know. Likewise Roslyn Castle - Scottish tune.

If you read the text Donough it states "MAINLY" the music of Turloch Carolan, I thought this meant not all tunes are by him.

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