Irish Dance Music

By Chris Droney

  1. Bellharbour
    Tim Maloney
  2. Jim Droney’s Fancy
    The Three Little Drummers
  3. Cooley’s
    The Cuckoo
  4. Frank McCarthy’s
    Jimmy Fahey’s Favourite
  5. O’Hea’s
    The Lakes Of Sligo
  6. The Battering Ram
  7. Connolly’s
  8. Peggy’s Fancy
    The Rights Of Man
  9. The Earl’s Chair
    Music In The Glen
  10. Noreen’s Favourite
    The Banner
  11. The Woman Of The House
    The Bag Of Spuds
  12. Margaret’s Love
    The Burren
  13. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
    The Floggin’
  14. Marty Nolan’s

Two comments

“Irish Dance Music: Christopher Droney”

“DANCE!” It says it. The whole Droney clan are great dancers and fine musicians. This is another sample of Chris Droney’s great playing…

Miss Peggy Tabb - piano accompaniment

Copley Records ~
New York ~ COP5007

Re: Irish Dance Music

Ignore that Copley Records link - it takes one to an Irish schlock site (

This album was released in 1983. Ceolachan has strangely omitted the rather vital information that the late Chris Droney played the concertina.

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