Fresh Takes

By John Whelan And Eileen Ivers

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Green Linnet 1987

A great combination of two great musicians!

Their hornpipe version of Blackberry Blossom is a lot of fun. 🙂


The “Waltz” of “Lorraine’s Waltz” does not appear.
I can see some reasoning behind it, but I think it would be nice to be able to keep the complete name, particularly if the tune in question has not been entered as ABC.
Also, for some tunes with identical names, the addition “reel” or “jig” might help to distinguish them.

I remember John and Eileen selling this album off the stage at a contra dance in upstate NY the year it came out. Something tells me Eileen Ivers doesn’t have to play contra dances for 25 bucks any more. 8^)

Final tune…..

…. listed as “Darach DeBrun’s” [sic]. Darach definitely used to play this reel, but it’s “The Curlew / Curlews” composed by Josie Keegan : see below -

Re: Fresh Takes

Iv‘e made a few corrections to links, after noticing that the three tunes on track 2 were linked to reels and a hornpipe, but I was listening to 3 jigs. Very surprised that the middle one, on the original LP, CD and currently on iTunes etc. is listed as ’Kitty’s Wedding’, (I thought a very well known tune) without the mistake being corrected since 1987 ! It is actually Kitty Lie Over (I believe?), The other 2 are wrongly linked to similar titled reels.
The first ‘Tom Fleming’s’ is now linked to the correct Paddy Fahey’s jig, but not sure about the last one ‘Sean McGuire’s’; anyone else recognise this one?
‘Fresh Takes’ is available to listen on Spotify. Some recordings from either Eileen Ivers or John Whelen are not always to my personal taste, but on this one there are some fine arrangements and lovely playing. Well worth a listen.