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  1. The Trip To Bofin
  2. The Highstool
  3. The Galway Bay
  4. The Delphi Air
  5. The Caladh Thaidhg Regatta
  6. Amara
  7. The Nogra
  8. High Island
  9. The Geata Ban Fling
    The Achill Rooster

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"Amara" - a wee gem.

All of the tunes on this recording [ made in 1977 ] were composed by the Galway visual artist Joe Boske. He is a whistle player, but doesn’t actually play on this CD. There are over 20 musicians making a contribution to the album, some well-known, others less so. Davy Spillane Tommy Keane, Mairtin O’Connor, Sean Smyth, Charlie Piggot and Garry O’Briain are probably the better-known names, but the musicianship is outstanding throughout, as are the tunes themselves. No reels, but a good mixture of a couple of jigs, a polka, a waltz, 3 airs, a great hornpipe, and even a couple of flings.
I’d heard that if ther’s a 2nd recording of Joe’s tunes to be made, none of the guys are going to play on it unless Joe makes an appearance himself ! I’ll certainly buy it if/when it comes out.

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Re: Amara

Sorry, GW - should have been 1997. Well spotted, and thanks.

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