Best Of 1987-1993

By Altan

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  1. Drowsy Maggie
    Rakish Paddy
    Harvest Storm
  2. Ceol A’Phiobaire
  3. King Of The Pipers
  4. The Jug Of Punch
  5. Brenda Stubbert’s
    The Red Box
  6. Inis Dhún Rámha
  7. Tommy Peoples
    Loch Altan
    Danny Meehan’s
  8. Con Cassidy’s
    Dusty Miller
  9. Dúlamán
  10. McFarley’s
    Mill Na Maidí
  11. An Mhaighdean Mhara
  12. Paddy’s Trip To Scotland
    The Shetland Fiddler
  13. The Snowy Path
  14. Fermanagh Highland
    Donegal Highland
    John Doherty’s
    The King’s
  15. The Flower Of Magherally
  16. The Emyvale
    Ríl Gan Ainm
    The Three Merry Sisters Of Fate
  17. The Sunset
  18. Mallaí Chroch Shlí
  19. An Feochán

Three comments

Another Compilation

Was surprised this compilation wasn’t listed. anyway it’s very like some of the other compilations but has some great stuff nonetheless. If you aren’t familiar with Donegal music have a listen to the first set Drowsy Maggie and Rakish Paddy are played completely differently to standard versions.

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Missing Mazurka

For some reason track 8 which is just listed as Mazurka on the recording wasn’t recognised by this system, there are actually 20 tracks on the album not 19!

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What you need to do is to list it as "John Doherty’s Mazurka"; Jeremy’s software will erase the Mazurka and the track will be listed as "John Doherty’s" and linked to the mazurka by this name (which is the correct one). When you only enter "mazurka" it erases the "mazurka" and is left with nothing…