By Hom Bru

  1. Christmas Day In The Morning
    The Bonnie Isle Of Whalsay
    Lord MacDonald’s
  2. Gardebylatten
  3. Lassie Lie Near Me
  4. Chicago
    The Scholar
    Saint Anne’s
  5. Ragtime Jane
  6. The New Song Of The Turnout
  7. The Brolum
    Pete Da Mill
  8. Janine’s Shell
    Sandy Bell’s
  9. Unst Boat Song
  10. Garster’s Dream
    Da Brig
    Da Sooth End
  11. The Sandyburn
  12. Banks Of The Bann
  13. The Eighth Black Watch On Passchaendale Ridge
    John Murray Of Lochee

One comment

Hom Bru’s first album

This Hom Bru’s first album. If I recall, the boys were a bit disappointed with it at the time. They weren’t happy with some of the songs.
However, the tunes are great!!

They’ll be visiting the Auchtermuchty festival soon. I’m looking forward to seeing them once again.