In Your Ear

By Seamus Egan

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Not here?

I was a little surprised to not see this recording here, so I took the initiative.

Not the Solas Seamus

I don’t have this recording, but I remembered one day while fishing around on, I came across this CD and had surprisingly never heard of the thing. On the record, this CD is not from the Seamus Egan that everybody is probably thinking of. Based on the information from the one customer review of the CD, the Seamus Egan on this recording is from Portland, Oregon (USA), plays the tenor banjo and is known as the “West Coast Seamus” to distinguish him from the other Seamus Egan. Regardless, from the sound samples it sounds like a decent enough recording to me, but I thought I would clarify any confusion there might be.

To those who know him, there is only one Seamus Egan and, indeed, as Jason says, it’s not the one everybody else is probably thinking of. This Seamus Egan comes from Offaly, lives in Portland, Oregon and is a terrific banjo player of the “currently neglected culchie or ”bog style", at least that’s what the liner notes say. Haven’t seen him for a while, I hope he’s well.

In Your Ear

Unfortunatly, some of the tunes added here are not the same as in the recordings. Darn.

Love this CD