Grand Tour: Traditional Music On Piano

By Eric Eid-Reiner

  1. Inisheer
  2. The Golden Tooth
    The Farewell
    The Brewer Lad
    The Popcorn
    MacArthur Road
    Charlie Hardie’s
  3. Eternal Friendship
    Angeline The Baker
  4. Tennessee
    The Athol Highlanders
    Fiddler’s Challenge
    The Devil’s Dream
  5. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
  6. Ragtime Annie
    Liberty Two-Step
  7. Fiddle Bottle
  8. Colonel O’Hara
  9. The Entertainer
  10. Boda
    The Butterfly
    The Fading Light
  11. Ma Tovu
  12. Ask Me Now
  13. Jousting In The Fens
  14. Oseh Shalom
    Oseh Shalom
  15. Hökpers Vals
  16. Soul Of The Limestone Rock
  17. Funky 105
    Barter’s Hill
    Lively Steps
    The Honorable Mrs. Graham Of Balgowan
  18. Over The Ice
    Blue Bonnets Over The Border
  19. Ghost
  20. Daughter’s Eyes
  21. Sally Ann

Three comments

Eric Eid-Reiner’s CD, “Grand Tour: Traditional Music on Piano”

This CD was released on August 8, 2005.

It contains a great variety of styles, including Irish, bluegrass, Cape Breton, French-Canadian, ragtime, old-time, Jewish, and jazz.

It is over 72 minutes long, and was recorded on an 1886 Steinway 7’ grand piano.

Guests on the CD are Andy Reiner (fiddle), David Reiner (fiddle), and Ed Berbaum (saxophone).

The CD can be purchased directly from Eric by sending a check (prices include shipping!!) for $15 US (or $29 for two CDs) to:
Eric Eid-Reiner
c/o Cynthia Eid
P.O. Box 750007
Arlington Heights, MA 02475

You can reach Eric by email as well, with questions, comments, etc. and he’d love to hear from you. (Include a relevant subject.) His email address is (delete any spaces that appear in it; there are none in his actual address): frisbeeman2001 @