The Tunes We Like To Play On Paddy’s Day

By The Flanagan Brothers

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Well, it wasn’t here but it seems relevant. Plus, it’s a fantastic recording.

finding this recording

Hi all. I’d like to find the digital files for this recording. It seems to be seriously out of print.

Also, if anyone has pointers on other recordings for 20s-30s tenor banjo playing (the “golden age”) please let me know.

Tightening Up the Titles

Thanks for posting, “Upsetter.” The outside of the packaging labels the tracks as they appeared on the actual 78 record labels, often in abbreviated form. Inside, you’ll find each individual tune identified. This is a phenomenal offering from Harry Bradshaw on “Viva Voce.” It’s a pity that these old recordings are so hard to come by. The Morrison remasterings that Bradshaw did are mind blowing. They were only released on double-cassette. They need to be reissued. Honestly, people are put off by the accompaniment on the Coleman sides, the Morrison and Flanagan Brothers 78’s document actual performing ensembles of the era rather than ignorant studio musicians indiscriminately assigned to accompany an Irish fiddler (as on many of the Coleman recordings). Another Bradshaw project that’s out there and doesn’t yet seem to be posted here is “Packie Dolan: The Forgotten Fiddle Player of the 1920’s.”

If you’re into important historic recordings, here’s another treasure trove you’ll have fun tapping into. Be sure to follow the links further down the page, too:

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