Up In The Air

By Jonny Hardie And Gavin Marwick With Davy Cattanach

  1. The Rejected Lover
  2. Willie’s Auld Trews
    Keep It Up
    Dogs Bite Chapmen
  3. Rob Roy Macgregor
    Prince Charles
    Charles Sutherland
  4. The MacNeils Of Ugadale
    Jig Brest Of St. Marc
    Lads Of Tain
    Mrs. Macinroy Of Lude
  5. Andy M. Stewart’s
    Lady Mary Stopford
    The Blackhaired Lad
    Kissing Is The Best Of A’
  6. A Breton March
    An Irish
    Hatton Burn
  7. The Hills Of Glenorchy
  8. Neil Gow’s Wife
    Captain Keeler
    Will You Marry Me
  9. Mrs Forbes, Leith
    The Periwig
    Carnie’s Canter
  10. A Breton
    Isobel Blackley
    Dougie’s Decision
  11. The Dancing Bear
    Ril Bheara
  12. Jenny Dang The Weaver
    J.F. Dickie
    Athol Brose
  13. Indo Para Isorga
    Gur Mis Tha Gu Craiteadh O’n Uiridh
  14. John Stephen Of Chance Inn

One comment

Jig Brest Of St. Marc.

This tune is also known as "Thunderhead" and it was composed by Grey Larson.