Return To Inis Mor

By Joe Derrane

Two comments

Return to Inis Mor

This is a 1996 album, but I wanted to make sure it made the list of recordings. I second Jon’s comments on the standards Joe derrane
sets for any musician (see Give Us Another,the Boston Edge, Ireland’s Harvest). Some players may find his ornementations a tad too "baroquy", but I must say that after listening to him for years, he is a constant source of inspiration. A master indeed…
Listen to the explosive first notes of "Humours of Lissadell" and you’ll be won over. As for "Pastiche for Galway", if you think you’re a pretty good box player, well… think again. And I forgot to mention the great piano accompaniment by Carl Hession. Tremendous !

Also highly recommended: "The Tie that Binds", with Frankie Gavin, Seamus Egan, Jerry O’Sullivan, Carl Hession and Zan Mc Leod.

I have been listening to this in mp3 format. Derrane is a wizard but the clunking piano accompaniment does an enormous amount of damage to the album. No subtlety whatsoever - as if the pianist is trying to drown out Derrane’s playing. To be fair, I should confess that I’m not a fan of piano accompaniment for jigs, reels etc. I also wonder if the high bit rate I used when ripping the CD has resulted in a more powerful bass line. I’ll have another listen to the CD and get back to you if my comments are too harsh.