Tall Tails

By Old Blind Dogs

  1. The Barnyards O’ Delgaty
  2. The Burn O’ Craigie
    The Moon Coin
    Miss Isobel Blackley
  3. The Banks O’ Sicily
  4. The Sportsman’s Haunt
    Mrs. Bailey Of Redcastle
    Sherlock’s Fancy
  5. A Wife In Every Port
  6. Boondock Skank
  7. Pills Of White Mercury
  8. Miss Shepherd
    Sandy Grant
    The Hurricane
  9. Lay Ye Doon Love
  10. Willie’s Aul’ Trews
    The Auld Reel 1
    The Auld Reel 2
  11. P. Stands For Paddy
  12. The Buzzard