The Nervous Man

By Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh

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Great Concertina Album

When I first heard this album I thought to myself, "This is what I always thought the concertina *should* sound like".

This is a favourite album of mine, an inspirational must have for any anglo concertina player. Fine, strong music with a wonderful feeling of delight. Michael Rooney gives great support with harp accompaniment, and is worth listening to for his harp technique.
Micheal O Raghallaigh also performs with Providence, who have 2 albums, Providence and A Fig for a Kiss, both highly recommended.

The definitive Concertina album

This is the one. If you could own only one recording of Concertina playing, it would have to be this one. It just oozes tradition. Firmly in my top ten collection.

This is one of those albums which makes a regular vist to my CD player. Some great sets played at a lovely pace - there’s nothing frantic or ragged. The boy gets great value out of the wee box!

What’s that at the start of Track 12!!???

It kind of sounds like "OWWWW!" or maybe "Now!!!"

Anyone have any ideas/theories or otherwise???

Jumping Jehosephat this is a fan-frigging-tastic recording!

This recording definitely does O’Ralghallaigh justice. Listened to him play at various sessions late into the night at the Catskills this past summer, and his playing is just great. Buy this CD if ya have any sense about ya, or even if ya don’t have any sense, still buy it.

Besides making a great recording,
O Ralghallaigh wrote some warped and funny sleeve notes for it. I’m glad I bought it, especially because he explicitly wrote that there would be no refunds!

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Yes a great CD and he certain has a very distinct style of his own which is great. I must listen to some recordings of Providence next.

"Inspirational" would be an understatement. Once in a while, a musician will appear on the scene who isn’t just a musician - they are a genius whose mind works in such a way that nobody else can even hope to come close to them - people like Miles Davis if you’re talking about jazz. Micheal O’Raghallaigh is such a person. He takes a tune and does everything it’s possible to do with it with his instrument. imo he pwns all other concertina players. He is the top rung of the ladder, end of story.

the nervous man

i’m having no luck trying to find a copy of this cd by micheal o raghallaigh, would anyone have any ideas where i might find a copy ? thanks.

Just adding to the chorus of what a delight this cd is. Track 4 in particular is a completely lovely, understated, jig set. The dry wry sleeve notes are real pleasure too.

I haven’t yet made up my mind about the two airs on this cd. (Well, I possibly have!)

Ha! Thx Kenny … I just found it.
The Reverend’s ABC Tune Search ist alway a great help as well 😉

The Nervous Man

Werner said, "The Reverend’s ABC Tune Search is always a great help…"

Not as good as Kenny!

Re: The Nervous Man

oh god, sorry, I just saw everyone wrote it in the comments already, nevermind!