Avenging And Bright

By Charles Guard

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  1. Muiris O Conchubhair
  2. Heman Dubh
    Tha Mi Sgith
    The Peat Fire Flame
  3. Tra Va Ruggit Creest (When Christ Was Born)
  4. Burn’s March
  5. Craobh Nan Teud (Lament For The Lost Harp-Key)
  6. Tom The Tailor
    The Fairies’
  7. Yn Eeanleydner As Y Lhondoo (The Fowler And The Blackbird
  8. Tabhair Dom Do Lamh
  9. Mrs. Poer
  10. Silent O Moyle
    Avenging And Bright
  11. Ny Kiree Fo Niaghtey
  12. Brian Boru’s March
  13. Cumha An Chlairseora (The Harper’s Lament)
  14. Arrane Ghelbee (The Song Of The Water Kilpie)
  15. The Haughs O’Cromdale

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Recording info

Charles Guard is a seminal harper and an administrator at the Manx heritage foundation. This mostly a solo harp album (gut and wire strung harps), with some fiddle and whistle. It was recorded in Dublin in 1977, issued by Claddagh in 1978, reissued by Shanachie in 1991. Manx, Irish, and Scots tunes.

Re: Avenging And Bright

Claddagh; 1977.

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