Frankie Gavin 2003-2004: Music For Peace - 3rd CD of 4

By Gary Hastings And Frankie Gavin

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Music For Peace

This is the 3rd CD in a set of 4 entitled "Frankie Gavin 2003-2004 Collection. It is a collaboration between Frankie Gavin and Gary Hastings, and is unusual in that it includes quite a few tunes from what Gary referred to at this year’s Willie Clancy Week flute and whistle recital as "The alternative tradition in the North". In my opinion, it features some of the best duets ever recorded, both flute and fiddle and also flute duets.
This is the CD which "Ptarmigan" was referring to in a recent thread about "fifing" tunes.
Accompaniment is by Carl Hession, and also a string quartet.

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The 4-CD set, "Frankie Gavin 2003 - 2004", of which this is the 3rd CD, has become available again "in limited quantities" from Claddagh records for 20 euros. They’re also doing a free-shipping offer at the moment as well, if you buy 2 CDs or DVDs.

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Buy this set!! It’s pure genius.

"Frankie Gavin 2003-2004" ~ 4 CDs

1. ) "Frankie Gavin, Máirtín O’Connor & Carl Hession: Frankie Gavin 2003-2004: Speed of Sound"

2. ) "Frankie Gavin, Joe Derrane & Carl Hession: Frankie Gavin 2003-2004: Live at Glór, Ennis"

3. ) "Gary Hastings & Frankie Gavin: Frankie Gavin 2003-2004: Music For Peace"

4. ) ? ? ?

Re: Frankie Gavin 2003-2004: Music For Peace - 3rd CD of 4

#4 - "The Grappelli Era". Not worth mentioning, in my opinion, but I’ll post it for the sake of completeness if you like, "c".

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Re: Frankie Gavin 2003-2004: Music For Peace - 3rd CD of 4

That might be enough of a mention? 😏 With Stephen Grappelli? Were there any ‘tradish’ tracks on it? It didn’t surprise me that someone had this collection of four CDs offered online for several hundred. It’s a mad world, with all the proof needed for that in this last year…

Re: Frankie Gavin 2003-2004: Music For Peace - 3rd CD of 4

Much of the Grappelli / Gavin concert was recorded and released as part of a VHS video tape. There’s no doubt that both musicians - as well as their accompanists - are absolute masters of their particular genres of music, and were obviously having great fun playing together, but for me, it just didn’t work. That’s only my personal opinion, and no doubt others will disagree. Inevitably, some of the footage made it on to "Youtube", so here are a couple of clips I came across. Make your own minds up.

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