Journey Begun

By Laura Risk And Athena Tergis

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  1. Alligator Lake
    Witch Hazel
    Yellow Wrist
    Witch Hazel
  2. New Year’s Day At The Capitol
    The New House
  3. Black Bread
  4. Kathy’s First Trip To Skye
  5. Notes To Myself
  6. Athena’s #1
    Castle Menzies
  7. The Ewie Wi’ The Crooked Horn
    The Perrie Werrie
    Linden Rise
  8. Pogonip
    Katy’s First Visit To San Francisco
  9. Mackintosh’s Lament
  10. The Rooster
    Pete In The Car
    Los Cerritos
  11. Leo’s Tune
    Boglach Na Nog
  12. Sand Worms
  13. Old Time Wedding Reels 1 & 2
    Father Francis Cameron

Four comments

a really laid back, but groovy album!! mainly self-penned tunes, with a few traditional ones. posted this in reference to the tune ‘Laura and Athena’ , posted not long ago, written for these fiddlers.

Buy This Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would TOTALLY recommend this album , it is a wee bit obscure for the first minute of track one but keep listening and your life will be immediately better

The playing is beautiful, both lilting and driving in turns and some tunes will just make you dance for joy. Put on track 12, Sandworms turn your cd up full vlume and boogie…….

Sand Worms

Does anyone have ABC or sheet music for Sand Worms?