Irish Traditional Music (played on Uilleann Pipes, Hammered Dulcimer, Fiddle, Flute And Whistle)

By Sean McAloon, Seamus Horan, Packie Duignan, John Rea, Sean Wynne & Robin Morton

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Irish Traditional Music

This is a compilation of 25 tracks from three albums of Irish Music released on Topic Records during the 2nd half of the 1970s.
Drops of Brandy: Sean McAloon (Uilleann Pipes) and John Rea (Hammered Dulcimer)
Music from Co. Leitrim: Packie Duignan (Flute) and Seamus Horan (Fiddle)
Traditional Music on the Hammer Dulcimer: John Rea

An excellent opportunity to hear some great Irish Hammered Dulcimer playing.

N. B. It also offers folk a chance to hear The Homeruler, the way Frank McCollam, it’s composer, would have played it, for Seamus Horan learned it from the playing of Sean Ryan, who in turn learned it from Frank himself.

Can you post a catalog listing? I am unable to find it on Topic Records’ site.

Try Temple records

ed - I think you’ll find that this compilation was released on Robin Morton’s "Temple" label. Try his website, or possibly "Foot Stompin’ "’s website. See the comments for the Duignan/Horan recording here.

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Try Temple records

Found it (and of course more I ned to consider) at Temple records.
Thanks, Kenny.

Jackson’s Return From Dover

This is a John Rea tune. John was from Glenarm, played a 9/8 dulcimer (few string courses) and was descendant from English weavers. He made two great albums, one solo and one with piper Sean McAloon. His family "had the music" and was very well known in Antrim. Cathal McConnell knows a lot about him.
David James

"Irish Traditional Music: Various Artists"

Temple Records ~ COMD2079

The Artists, by tracks:

1.) Sean McAloon

2.) Sean McAloon & John Rea

3.) Seamus Horan

4.) John Rea

5.) Sean McAloon

6.) John Rea

7.) Packie Duignan

8.) Packie Duignan & Seamus Horan

9.) Sean McAloon & John Rea

10.) John Rea

11.) John Rea

12.) Sean McAloon

13.) Sean McAloon

14.) John Rea

15.) Packie Duignan

16.) Seamus Horan

17.) Sean McAloon

18.) John Rea

19.) John Rea

20.) Packie Duignan

21.) Seamus Horan

22.) John Rea

23.) Packie Duignan & Seamus Horan

24.) John Rea

25.) Packie Duignan & Seamus Horan