Five After Four

By Tim Hart

  1. Sheila Coyle’s
  2. Karen’s Courage
  3. The Dusty Road To Camp
    Heidi’s Kitchen
  4. Anach Cuain
  5. The Didda
    The Kid On The Mountain
  6. Five After Four
  7. The Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow
  8. Over The Moor To Maggie
    The Dunmore Lasses
  9. Ta Me ‘Mo Shui
    Comb Your Hair And Curl It
    Capt. O’Neill’s Favorite
  10. The Musical Priest
    The Earl’s Chair
  11. If I Only Had A Brain

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Re: Five After Four

This is not the Tim Hart who was in Steeleye Span but a Californian whistler of the same name.

Pinched from Amazon

‘Tim Hart first took the plunge into Celtic traditional music one day while walking down San Francisco’s Market Street. There, each Friday afternoon, was a Scottish Highland piper, honking out sweet tunes to the passing throngs of work-weary dot-com employees and lazing bike messengers. Hart stopped and asked which instrument would be good for a rank beginner and the piper said, "the whistle. It’s only six bucks. How can you go wrong?" From there, he taught himself to play the traditional, high-pitched Irish whistle, eventually moving into the low and midrange whistles and the bodhrán (traditional frame drum). Like many in the tradition, he learned tunes one at a time from friends and in pub sessions — specifically, in San Francisco, Chicago, Dublin and a variety of other towns. Later, Hart began to pen his own compositions in the traditional style. Hart’s first band was Kilmor, a trio based in San Jose, Calif.; he later played with Tinker’s Damn in Oakland, Calif., quickly becoming a regular performer and workshop leader at Scottish games and local folk festivals. Hart also plays with Tom Wagner (Oak, Ash & Thorn) and Michael Mullen (Tempest), and occasionally with other artists including Ireland’s Celtic jazz pioneer Melanie O’Reilly, with whom he played at Berkeley’s venerable Freight & Salvage Coffee House. Hart released his debut solo CD, Five After Four, in June 2005, a collection of traditional and original tunes that explores the whistle from several musical perspectives. The self-produced CD was recorded and mastered at MuscleTone Studios in Berkeley, home to other artists including Wake the Dead, Shira Kammen, Kammen & Swan, Radim Zenkl, Steve Baughman and Sylvia Herold. In addition to performing and recording, Hart can also be found teaching workshops on the whistle and bodhrán at such venues as The Berkeley Free Folk Festival, the San Francisco Free Folk Festival and the Lark in the Morning Summer Music Celebration (camp). Hart plays Michael Burke and Chieftain whistles and Albert Alfonso and Del Eckels bodhráns, along with "the birthday goat,” a small, dubiously dyed drum with a big voice modeled on the African djembe (and given to him on his last birthday by his musical friends).’

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