Purgatory Chasm

By Skip Healy

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Purgatory Chasm Availability

Purgatory Chasm, and the rest of Skip’s CDs, are only available by going to his Web site at http://www.skiphealy.com.

John Harvey

Cuckoo Quickstep – not Cuckoo’s Nest

The second tune on Cut number 10, titled “Cuckoo’s Nest,” on
the CD is not really the tune of that name. In the liner notes,
Skip refers to Bruce and Emmett’s “Fifers and Drummers Guide”.
In this book, the tune he plays is actually entitled “Cuckoo
Quickstep”. I will load the abc for that tune, as well as Vinton’s,
which also seems to be missing from thesession’s database.

Re: Purgatory Chasm

FWIW, Purgatory Chasm is on Google Music.