The Maple Leaf

By Jimmy Noonan, Michael Shorrock, Chris McGrath & Ted Davis

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  1. The Bantry Lasses
    Josie McDermott’s
    Sliabh Bloom
  2. The High Part Of The Road
    Rosemary Lane
  3. The Whistling Postman
    For The Sake Of Ol’ Decency
  4. Cornphiopa Gan Ainm
    The Humours Of Ballyconnell
  5. Cleaning The Hen House
    Glen Allen
    Tie The Bonnet
    The Sailor’s Cravat
  6. Courting Them All
    Denis Murphy’s Miss McLeod’s
    Billy Brocker
  7. The Kilfenora Barndances #1
    The Kilfenora Barndances #2
  8. The Munster
    Larry O’Gaff’s
  9. Sweeney’s Buttermilk
    Saint Ruth’s Bush
    The Doon- Callaghan’s
  10. The Maids Of Glenroe
    The Hag’s Purse
    The Black Rogue
  11. The Donegal Traveler
  12. Paddy McMahon’s
    Chris Droney’s Favorite
  13. The Humours Of Castlefin
    Hold The Reins
    Sporting Nell
    The West Wind
  14. Thadelo’s Barndances #1
    Thadelo’s Barndances #2
  15. The Maple Leaf
    The Four Courts

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Maple Leaf

Jimmy Noonan - Flute
Chris McGrath - Fiddle, Concertina
Michael Shorrock - Bouzouki
Ted Davis - Guitar
Myron Bretholz - Bodhran

Some great players from Massachusetts/Rhode Island put this album together. Good Stuff

is that chris that tortured us in ireland
about ten
years back?

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This one’s been getting lots of play time in my CD player recently. Many of the tunes I have found are ones that are played in sessions, but aren’t the warhorses that many people are sick of playing, so they’re good tunes to know. Most of the tunes are also pretty accessible in terms of being able to learn them off the CD. Not that they’re played slow, but there’s nothing over-the-top to mask the melody of the tunes. Just good solid playing. Available from the usual sources, but released by Windjam Records at

Who plays banjo on this album?

Track 12 - Molloy’s

The 3rd tune in this set is not “Molloy’s Favourite” as linked but is actually “Matt Molloy’s” a.k.a “Pride of the Bronx.”

Great album, I’ve had it for a while and am currently working on learning the whole thing. 4 sets down, 11 to go…

Track 5 - Tie the bonnet

Yet another linking error. The linked tune should be this: “Upstairs in a Tent” also known as “Tie the Bonnet”

Track 13

Anyone know the name of the second tune on track 13 - it’s down as Upstairs in a Tent but it isn’t either of the tunes which usually go by that name.

Hold the Reins

Thanks Kenny - I knew the tune from way back but couldn’t think of a name - having looked at the alternative titles I realise I learnt it as ‘The Dublin Lads’

Track 10, “Castle” should be “Hag’s Purse”

Not sure how/why the 2nd jig on track 10 is titled “Castle” but it sure as a jig isn’t “The Castle” jig. It’s actually “Hag’s Purse”