Éistigh Seal

By Matt Cranitch

Three comments

A re-issue of Cranitch’s 1984 album of slow airs, accompanied by his sister Brid on piano. Splendid stuff and a welcome antidote to the overly-arranged, overly flashy and overly fast playing encountered all too often these days. (My own humble opinion, of course!) Gael Linn, CEFCD 104. More info at http://www.gaellinn.com

Ah yes, this is a cracker.
Just the way airs should be played.
A real education.
Can’t recommend it enough to anyone who wants to know how to play these lovely tunes properly, so that the ‘TUNE’ shines through, and not all that bl**dy fancy ornamentation stuff.

Matt Cranitch - the slow air KING!!

Re: Eistigh Seal

This is quite possibly my favorite album of any music anywhere. I’m very grateful for it.

I’m new to Irish fiddling and wish I could find more like this