The Fiddle Music Of Donegal - Volume Two

By Various Artists

  1. John Mhosaí McGinley’s
  2. King George IVth’s Highland
  3. Ril Cathaoir Rua Cabhain
  4. Highlands A’ Choille
    Cailiní Ard A’ Ratha
  5. The Old Wheel Of Fortune
  6. Con Cassidy’s
    Doodley, Doodley Dank
  7. The Balmoral Highlanders March
  8. Cailleach An Airgead, Bean Baint Duilease Agus Fhluich Si A Leine
  9. An Bairseach Mna, Saitheadh An Bhaid
    Ril Chiarain Ui Rathallaigh
  10. An Cuilfhionn
  11. Casey’s Pig
    Dulaman Na Binne Buidhe
  12. Kitty Sheain’s
    The Dance Of The Honeybees
  13. Port An Chonchobhuir
    Port Gan Ainm
  14. The Pigeon On The Gate
    Jenny Picking Cockles
  15. John Byrne’s
  16. The McConnell’s Highland
    Highland A’ Choille
  17. The Liverpool
    The Derry
  18. Miss Monaghan
  19. Con McGinley’s Highland
  20. Alec McConnell’s
  21. The Cameronian
  22. The Rising Of The Sun
    The Pigeon On The Gate

Four comments

This CD features the playing of Vincent Campbell, Maurice Bradley, Stephen Campbell, Roisin McGrory & Damian Harrigan, James Byrne & Ronan Galvin.

If you like Donegal Fiddling you’ll love this, no frills, just raw Fiddle Music.

There are at least Three volumes to watch out for.

Marvellous stuff even if most of the tunes do not translate well to the concert flute. Standout track (among many) is Vincent Campbell playing that mighty highland "King George IV". Vincent is a man of pointed wit who also talks a great tune as well as playing it.