Notes From The Heart

By Mick, Louise And Michelle Mulcahy

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Superb new album by box-maestro Mick Mulcahy with daughters Louise (flute, pipes) and Michelle (fiddle, concertina, harp, piano) with backing by Cyril O’Donohue (bouzouki, guitar) and Tommy Hayes (bodhran).

Clo Iar-Chonnachta Records (CICD 160).


Robbie Hannan played 4 tracks from this on his “Culan” programme on Radio Ulster a week ago. Lovely stuff, and on the basis of what I’ve heard, I’d recommend this recording to anyone. Thanks for the link, Aidan – I’ll place an order for it tonight.

truly an excellent album. I’m just getting into it, but it’s fantastic.

Track 6 tune names are wrong ?

The 1st reel track 6 is not the Charlie Mulvihill’s that the link goes to.

In Australia we know it as Paddy Murphy’s Wife.

Likewise the 2nd reel is not the Farewell to ireland that the link goes to.

This is of course the case with many links on this site.

Why not give these generically =named tunes ( e.g Charlie Mulvihill’s, Crowley’s, etc ) their less-common names for purposes of this site.That would more likely make links accurate

Farewell to Ireland = Austin Tierney’s

Just found the dots for track 6, tune 2. They’re a little different to the Mulcahy’s version in the B part.

It’s listed on this site as Farewell to Eireann, but as there so many tunes using the F’well to Erin/Ireland/Eireann family of names, maybe this one is best known as Austin Tierney’s.

Cooley’s track 10

Anyone know an alternate name to the tune called Cooley’s on track 10?

Photos and bios are note the Mulcahy Family

Does anyone know how to remove the photos and bios that are on this page? They appear to be pop musicians and have nothing to do with the Mulcahy family

Not the Mulcahy Family

Sorry, I meant to say the photos and bios on this page are NOT the Mulcahy family and should be deleted.

Hi, John…

This happens quite a lot. What you have to do is notify Jeremy, and he will sort it out.

Notes From The Heart

This is such a lovely album. I play it repeatedly and have tuned a fiddle up a semitone to learn from the tracks that are in a raised pitch. I have their other cds too - wonderful!