By Donall Donnelly And Brian Hanlon

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  1. McFadden’s Handsome Daughter
    Piper On Horseback
    Lennon’s No.4
  2. South Of The Grampians
    Padai Bhilli Na Ropai(The Low Highland)
    Gweebarra Bridge
    Heathery Breeze
  3. The Flower Seller
  4. Cathal McConnell’s
    The Humours Of Whiskey
    Give Us A Drink Of Water
    Martin Connolly’s
  5. John Henry’s
    Emma Ritzy
    P.J. McComiskey’s
  6. Gan Ainm
    Last Orders
    Bridge Over The Lang
  7. Tommy People’s
    The Lilter
    The Monaghan
  8. Waltzing For Dreamers
  9. O’Donnell’s Hornpipes
  10. In Memory Of Coleman
    The Whistler From Rosslea
    Phylis Birthday
  11. Free And Easy
    The Wishing Well
  12. Cape Clear

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This album is the amazing debut of two of the most impressive young trad players out there! Donall Donnnelly’s fiddling is brilliant: intricate, rhythmical, driving, precise, creative, throaty, smooth, lilting; He demonstrates a dynamic range that few fiddlers can match. Brian Hanlon’s beautiful guitar accompaniment manages to flawlessly provide both delicate harmonies and grooving rhythm, a rare combination of power and artistry. To their stunning fiddle-guitar synergy, Brian adds two fantastic songs and some amazing bodhran playing. Seriously, this is one of the best first albums I’ve ever heard; I can’t recommend it highly enough.


But where can I buy it? I can’t seem to find any online stores where I can purchase it…….

Where to find Driven

You should be able to buy it from either the iTunes music store or Definitely check it out.

I’m going to have to get hold of this CD - I had a fiddle masterclass with Donall last week, and he’s a magnificent player, brilliant teacher and top class guy. All round genius!

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