Macalla 2

By Macalla

Added by Kenny .

  1. Connie O’Connell’s
    Ed Reavy’s
  2. Donncha Ban
  3. Barn Dances
  4. Nil Se ’na La
  5. An Roisin Dearg
  6. Casadh Cam Na Feadarnai
  7. Jack Maguire’s
    The Cedars Of Lebanon
  8. Pluirin Na mBan Donn O
  9. Cape Breton Jigs
  10. Brid Thomais Mhurcha
  11. John McEvoy’s #1
    John McEvoy’s #2

Two comments

Macalla 2

Identical in style to the first recording, this was released in 1987, 3 years later, with more or less the same musicians involved.

Tunes in database

Track 1 - tune listed as “Connie O’Connell’s” is here as “Michael Queally’s”. I posted “Ed Reavy’s”, but the link is going to another of his tunes. Do a search“ on ”Reavy", and you’ll find it.
Track 7 - “Callaghan’s” is here as one of the “Doon” reels.
Track 9 - “Cape Breton jigs” are “Charlie Hunter’s” and “McGurk’s”
Track 11 - is 2 reels, but John McEvoy never gave them names. I’ve posted both of them.