By Jiig

  1. Chicken On A Raft
  2. Missing The F In C
    The End Of Winter
  3. The Oggie Man
  4. I Should Like To Be A Policeman
  5. The Rambling Sailor
  6. Fen’s Bedtime
    The Conundrum
  7. The Rose In June
  8. The Female Rambling Sailor
  9. The Gallant Frigate Amphitrite
  10. Angeline The Baker
    Abe’s Retreat
  11. Sweet Thames Flow Softly
  12. The Bonny Black Hare
  13. The Rose Of Allandale

One comment

JIIG consists of James Stevens (fiddle, viola, mandolin, tenor guitar, bass, fretless bass, percussion, vocals), Ian Clark (guitar, vocals), Ian Robb (lead vocals, English concertina), & Greg T. Brown (fiddle, viola, button accordion, mandolin, vocals). Their guests on this CD include Ben Grossman, Grit Laskin, Philip Murphy, Ann Downey, Shelley Posen, and the Choir of St James-in-the-Woods (Yoseph Senell, Wendy Noan, Danny Owen, Henley Slopes, Sophey Ellens, Nora Bib).