The Busker And The Devils Only Daughter

By Brian McNeill

  1. Cold Frosty Morning
    Yankee Dollar
    The Trip To Marblehead
  2. High Hadenhold
  3. Lady Glasgow
  4. The Golden Ox
    The Silver
  5. The Gilded Shadows
  6. The Devil’s Only Daughter
  7. The Busker
  8. Salt The Pot
    Miss Catherine Jane Spree’s
    The Perfect Pitch
  9. Miss Hamilton
  10. Greenland’s Icy Waters
  11. The Owl
  12. Captain O’Kane
    Jamie Allen
    The Mason’s Apron

Four comments

Good cd

Quite old obtained this when i saw him in “Feast of Fiddles”.


“Quite old” !! - it came out in 1990. What does that make the “Chieftains” ?

well what i meant it sounds pretty old. the tunes are nice but the singing is a bit naff.