By Willie Hunter And Violet Tulloch

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  1. The Duke O Fifes Welcome To Deeside
    Glen Grant
    The Gladstone
  2. John Roy Lyall
    The Modest Fiddler
    Billy’s Welcome To Canon Park
  3. Lament For Will Starr
    The Young King
  4. The Bantry Lasses
    Peeler’s Jacket
    Music In The Glen
  5. Big Dougal
  6. Trip To Windsor
    Mrs. Norman McKeegan
    The Devil’s Dream
  7. The Dean Brig O’ Edinburgh
    The Banks
  8. Arthur’s Seat
    Eugene Stratton
    Madame Neruda
  9. Mr. Michie
    John Pottinger’s Compliments To Ronald Cooper
    The Rocket
  10. Jack Broke The Prison Door
    Donald Blue
    Sleep Sound In Da Morning
    Lassies Trust In Providence
    Da Boanie Isle O Whalsay
  11. The Auld Resting Chair
    Happy Tom
    Miss Shepherd
  12. Pipe Major Willie Gray’s Farewell
    The Iron Man
    The Bungalow
  13. The Dying Year
    The Autocrat
    The Dean Brig
  14. Fiddler’s Cramp
    Carnie’s Canter

Three comments

Willie Hunter

Ahhh……there’s nothing like old school. I found this one by way of a German fiddler who excells in Donegal music…..

Mr Machine?

Track 9 first track is given as “Mr Machine” - it’s actually “Mr Michie” by Angus Fitchet.