Skara Brae

By Skara Brae

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  1. An Cailín Rua
  2. Suantrí Hiúdaí
  3. Bánchnoic Éireann Ó
  4. Angela
  5. Táim Breoite Go Leor
  6. Inis Dhún Rámha
  7. An Saighdiúir Tréighthe
  8. Cad É Sin Don Té Sin
  9. An Chrúbach
  10. Casadh An TSúgáin
  11. Caitlín Óg
  12. Airdi Cuan
  13. Tá Mé ‘Mo Shuí
  14. An Buinneán Buí
  15. Caitlín Tiriall

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Skara Brae

I know that Skara Brae isn’t typical session music, but I decided to submit this recording anyway because as far as I’m concerned it’s one of the most beautiful albums ever (that’s no hyperbole on my part).

This album was originally made in the early 1970s—1970 or 1971, I believe—by four then unknown musicians: Michael O’Domhnaill, Triona and Maighread Ni Dhomhnaill, and Daithi Sproule. All four sang, the two men played guitar, and Triona played clavinet, adding beautiful new harmonies to old Donegal songs. They were the first group ever to attempt adding instrumental accompaniment to these songs. All the songs are in Irish, except for the two instrumentals (tracks 4 and 10). The original record includes only the first 13 tracks listed here. Tracks 14 and 15 are only available on the CD reissued by Gael Linn.

I’ll just reiterate what I said above: it’s not typical session music, but it’s definitely worth a listen, or a hundred.

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Quite right smw, very beautiful music indeed, in fact it’s, IMHO, an absolute classic!


Copy on eBay at the moment [ not mine ] - currently at £77.00 !

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iTunes, too

You can buy it at iTunes much cheaper…

Just found this gem … lovely songs.
I prefer it to what they have done with the Bothy band a few years later.