Pure Traditional Irish Accordion Music

By Finbarr Dwyer

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Finbarr Dwyer

Another “Outlet” recording by the accordion maestro. This one is available on CD. I’m not sure about “The Best Of….”.
Again, there are a few fairly obscure tunes on this and I’m sure not all the links will go to the “correct” heet music.
The 2 reels on track 2, I’m sure were recorded together by Marcas O’Murchu. I’ll try to post some of them soon.

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Lovely playing. I’ve never heard Finbarr playing before I got this album. He’s instantly one of my favourite players. Having said that, I really don’t know what make a good player but he sounds real traditional. Michael Grogan springs to mind.


How about this for a coincidence, Paddy C? Today at lunchtime, I went in to have a look at a charity shop, quite close to where I work. I do this often to look at books, but today for some reason, I had a look at the LP records. I found 8 records on the Belfast “Outlet” label, including 2 recordings made by Finbarr Dwyer, and also Seamus Tansey, Sean Maguire, and Joe Burke. 50p each, and they all look to be in reasonable condition. God knows how they came to be in Torry, in Aberdeen, but they have a good home now !

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Lucky you….

That was good going Kenny. I think I may poke my nose into a few charity shops tomorrow and see if I can pick up anything. I picked up some old LP’s myself but they were not great. Most were popular balladeers (Ronnie Drew, Paddy Reilly, Jim McCann) however they did feature some stuff from De Dannan, Planxty and Franke Harte.

Available cheap

This record is included in a 10 CD set called “Celtic Souls” that you can pick up for $13.99 on amazon.
The set also includes the John and James Kelly record, “Cherish the Ladies” 1981 recording by Peg McGrath, Kathleen Smyth, and Mary Mulholland, a Seamus Tansey record and several samplers that have some good items as well.
It’s all stuff from the bankrupt Outlet Recordings now being licensed to budget CD houses.

#2 of 10 ~ “Celtic Souls: Irish Celtic Ballads & Traditional Music”

10 CDs for a fiver (£5) ~ 😎

The previous link no longer exists, here are the other recordings in the set:

1.) “Séamus Tansey: Traditional Irish Music”
~ also issued as “The Best of Séamus Tansey”

* 2.) Finbarr Dwyer: Pure Traditional Irish Accordion Music

3.) John & James Kelly: Irish Traditional Fiddle Music (& friends)

4.) “Tara Folk: Folksongs of Ireland”
~ not on site as yet, primarily songs

5.) “Best Of Irish Ceili Music”

6.) “Rince: Complete Irish Dancing Set”
~ also issued as “First Steps and Beyond”
~ not on site as yet

7 & 8.) “Festival Of Traditional Irish Music, Volumes 1 & 2”

9.) “Cherish The Ladies: Peg McGrath, Mary Mulholland & Kathleen Smyth”

10.) “Armagh Pipers’ Club: Song of the Chanter”

Sleeve Notes OLP 1004 Finbarr Dwyer Irish traditional accordionist

Sleeve notes OLP 1004
Finbarr Dwyer Irish traditional accordionist
Teresa McMahon - piano

As written on the LP back cover, complete with erratic capitalisation and punctuation… “ his mother plays the Accordion ….. his father playing accordion ….“ 🙂

Side 1

1. Trim the Velvet / Berehaven Reels
2. Hill 60 /The Spring Well Reels
3. The Pipe on the Hob/Kitty’s Rambles Jigs
4. West the Hill/The Druid’s Field Hornpipes
5. The Fries Breeches Jig
6. Banish Misfortune/Tatter Jack Welsh Jig

Side 2

1. The Pigeon on the Gate/Gillespies Reels
2. The Groves of Slaney/The Iron Gate Hornpipes
3. Paddy Ryan’s Dream/Farewell to Cailroe Reels
4. Finbarr Dwyer’ #2/The Meadow Reels
5. The Concert Flute/Upstairs in a Tent Reels
6. John Dwyer’s Jig/Paddy Taylors Reels

“Finbarr was born in Castletownbere, Co. Cork on the 20th September 1946. He began playing the accordion at the age of 3 and at the age of 9 had already started composing. This may seem surprising at first, but when you learn that the Dwyers have been Traditional Musicians since as far back as the 17th Century, it can be understood more easily.
Finbarr is well known as a guitarist, Pianist and Tin-Whistle Player. He also plays the violin left-handed with the strings set in the orthodox way!
Both parents are Traditional Musicians, his mother playing the Accordion and his father (from whom he learned most of his music) playing accordion and fiddle. His brother Michael is a former All-Ireland Tin-Whistle Champion, while another brother, John, plays fiddle with a former All-Ireland Champion Ceili Band - The Castle Ceili Band.
Finbarr himself is All-England Traditional Accordion Champion - a title he won in 1969.
This was a short story about Finbarr Dwyer - I can tell you that Finbarr is one of the Greatest I have ever listened to and I was very glad to have the opportunity of recording such a great artist.

Billy McBurney.

P.S. Going to Press - Finbarr has just recorded another L.P. to be released later on in the year. “

Teresa McMahon

“Teresa comes from Ballingarry, Co. Tipperary. She has spent most of her life in London and has always been a great follower of Traditional Irish Music. She has won many trophies for playing the accordion and is also a well known entertainer in London, singing and playing the piano. “

“ Recorded International Studios, Belfast. Phone 40896
Produced Billy McBurney.
Engineer Cel Fay. C 1970 Outlet “

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Thanks JNW, that’s great… 🙂

“Finbarr Dwyer: Kitty’s Rambles”

Evidently another title for the same recording…

Finbarr Dwyer

The best accordion player in Ireland bar none
C Sharp


It is the same as the release titled “Pure Traditional Irish Accordion Music” which is a CD reissue of an LP (may or may not be of the same title). “Kitty’s Rambles”, I believe, was a double-side single (not sure of the correct term) which did not include all of the track listing given here. Though I could be mistaken on that detail.

On iTunes….

This recording is downloadable from iTunes for £4.49. That’s a good deal for a classic recording.

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There are actually 2 albums with the same title , same cover but they are different recordings. Finbarr’s recording has the above track list. The other is a recording of 4 different players [ also worth buying ].

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Re: Pure Traditional Irish Accordion Music

I added this recording only to find it was already on the session but under a different name. How do I remove the recording from the session?
Someone Please Respond.

Re: Pure Traditional Irish Accordion Music

Jeremy can remove it, or, merge it with the previous one. You’ll have to contact him with the two links.

Re: Pure Irish Traditional Accordion

This is here already - the “Outlet” label recordings appear in several versions, causing great confusion.

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Track 12, jigs not reels

Perhaps worth pointing out that the tunes in track 12 appear to have been noted on the LP as “6. John Dwyer’s Jig/Paddy Taylors Reels” (sic), and were both routing here to reels, but they’re actually both jigs. Have now linked them to the right tunes. Ref the Paddy Taylor’s Jig, it’s X:6, added by Killenaule 3 years ago, that’s the right setting.
https://thesession.org/tunes/5430 Paddy Taylor’s. setting X:6
And the first jig is here as Finbarr Dwyer’s Favourite

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