Into The Night

By Tulca Mor

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  1. The London Lasses
    Larry’s Favourite
    The Graf Spee
  2. The Widow’s Lament
  3. Willie Coleman’s
    Winnie Haye’s
    Down The Lane
  4. From Galway To Graceland
  5. My Johnny Was A Shoemaker
  6. PJ Hayes
  7. Gan Ainm
    Tom Busby’s
    Gan Ainm
    Maid On The Green
  8. Ronald Ryan
  9. McNaughton’s
    The Durrow
    The Dispute At The Crossroads
    The New Policeman
  10. Down The Moor
  11. Knocknagow
    Paddy’s Resource

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Wonderful Brisbane (Australia) band with a fresh take on some set of tunes and songs including a couple of originals from Mark Cryle who I do not know at all. Writes good songs though. Some excellent guitar, bouzouki, fiddle andfaccordian work there.

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faccordion eh! Are you sure the 2nd letter is an ‘a’? 🙂

But seriously, who is in the band & who plays what? Pleeze!

oops. Sorry about that. Sounds like an Australian Raven which sounds like faaaarrrcccc said with a nasal aaaarrrr.
Anyway, the band is Steve Cook on bouzouki, Jenny Fitzgibbon on vocals, Claire Fitzpatrick on Accordian (sorry Claire), Fred Graham on Fiddle, and Andrew Heath on guitar, and special guest Greg Sheehan on tambourine, shakers and kids toys.. That’s on this album anyway. They all lived in Brisbane when this album was produced in 2004. Check out their website at

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I heard these guys play at Port Fairy in 2005, they’re fantastic.
Incredible melody, the Accordion and the Fiddle sound so good together, and great, strong rhythm. If their CD is anywhere near as good as their live perfomance then it is well worth it.