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By Liz Carroll And John Doyle

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In Play

Great new recording from Liz Carroll and John Doyle. Most tunes are written by Ms. Carroll and/or John Doyle. Just the two of them playing fabulously as always. A well rounded collection of a few airs, jigs, hornpipes, polkas a waltz, then it’s “reels, reels, reels”. The polka “Bike to Ballyhahill” is a wickedly fun tune to play. Ms. Carroll taught it during the master fiddle classes during Milwaukee’s Irishfest. I was lucky enough that my teacher attended and taught it to me.


DebWah - do the sleeve notes tell the story behind “Smokies In Arbroath” ?

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Smokies in Arbroath


The tune (reel) was penned by Liz, “Smokies are smoked haddock, and are to die for”(as is the tune!).


Yeah, but…………..

I know what they are, DebWah. What I’m wondering is how Liz came to write a tune about them, as I doubt you’d get them in Chicago. Mind, you, she may have come across them in visits to Edinburgh or Glasgow, I suppose. Thanks for the prompt reply. I’ll be getting the CD anyway, so thanks for letting us know it’s out.

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What a team!

just saw Liz & John at CelticFest in Jackson, MS where they put on three amazing shows, featuring much of the material from this CD & John’s ‘Wayward Son’ CD also. Liz taught us another tune from this one at the workshop she did, a jig called ‘The McSweeny Side’ which is great fun to play as well! How lucky we all are that these two are making the rounds at this time.

“Getting There”

A tidbit on the tune “Getting There” - Liz Carroll taught it at a workshop at Wesleyan two years ago, and at that time she called it “The Old Course,” after a golf course she was fond of.

In Play playin’

These two worthies effortlessly and masterfully serve up some lovely new tunes that sound like they could be a hundred years old, and remind me how contemporary the tradition can be.

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‘Hunters Moon’ and ‘Getting There’

Anyone know where I could get written music for ‘Hunters Moon’ and ‘Getting There’ from the ‘In Play’ CD? Liz and John were here in concert in March- truly blew me away!
thanks- Carole from St. Louis

Northern and The Box Man

I play by ear and have CD almost worn out with repeats of these two jigs , more or less have tunes now but would appreciate notation.

Just missed gig in Dublin recently

Northern and McSweeney Side

Also a big fan of the album in general. But after the notation for “Northern Jig” and “The McSweeney Side” in particular. Would appreciate anyone who could post them. I understand the Northern is a John Loughran tune from the “The Northern Fiddler”. Can’t actually lay my hands on the book and is now out of print.


Brilliant CD. Destined to be a classic. Unbelievably fine playing by two players at the top of their game.

question: has anyone transcribed ralph’s 2-3-5? i was about to do so, and just wanted to make sure it is not already in the database. it doesn’t show up when i look.

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