Uilleann Pipes

By Pat Mitchell

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Uilleann Pipes

This was one of the first Piping LPs I bought after hearing Planxty & I still enjoy it.
There are some lovely tunes on it & just a nice feel & ambience to the whole thing.

A plus is that it is solo piping, so no Greek Stringy things or African bangy things to spoil the sound - simply piping!

A word of warning! I have heard ‘self proclaimed’ so called, piping experts PO Poing this recording, saying that his technique isn’t the best?
Well, not being a piper I am not qualified to comment. All I can say is that I’ve been listening to, & enjoying, this LP for nearly thirty years, so that must count for something!

Anyone know if this LP has been released on CD?

Uilleann Pipes

LP released in 1976, in stereo (Wow!) 12TS294 on TOPIC

The Maiden That Jogged It In Style?

Mistype there, Ptarmigan?

Maybe not … I have a vision … difficult to jog in style, but no doubt the odd maiden could manage it!

Forsooth! Ye are surely correct young Aidan!

Should indeed have read ‘Jigged’ - although ‘Jogged’ kind of brings the tune nicely into the C20th don’t you think?