Classics Of Irish Piping Volume 2

By William Andrews And Liam Walsh

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Classics of Irish Piping Volume 2

These recordings were made between 1928 & 1930.

TOPIC (mono) 12T262

I don’t know if this has been transferred to CD.

Sean Reid wrote the sleeve notes, so can I quote his final paragraph for each piper:

William Andrews: “He continued to play his beloved Pies until almost the very end. He died on 28 April 1963 in the 77th year of a lifetime devoted to the revival of Gaelic Ireland.”

Liam Walsh: “He was a good Piper though perhaps not a great one. He loved the Pipes intensely and they were the dominating factor in his life.”

These Pipers don’t mess about do they.

I’m sure we all know the value of going back to these old recordings.
Well, you would surely just get a warped notion of what ITM is all about if you only liostened to the young Boy Bands of ITM exclusively - wouldn’t you.
Every now & then we need to dip into the well to hear the ‘Pure Drop’ & keep ourselves on track.

This recording helps me to do just that.

I’ve no doubt William loved Pies too, but that should, of course, have read ‘beloved Pipes’.