Song Of The Chanter

By The Armagh Pipers Club

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Song of the Chanter

1976 recording on the ‘OUTLET’ label, Belfast.
See, not all doom & gloom in Belfaaast in the 70’s!

One of my early forays into the world of ITM!
It features:
Paul Davis - Concertina, Flutes & Harmonica
Eithne Vallelly - Fiddle
Pat Daly - Harp
BrianVallelly - Pipes, Whistle & Flute
Niall Vallelly - Bodhran (!! - well, we all have to start somewhere 🙂)

This is of course a group from the Armagh Pipers’Club.
Brian’s Pipes were made by ‘McFadden’ of Belfast.

"Armagh Pipers’ Club: Song of the Chanter"

This has also been released with the above title…as well as just as "Armagh Pipers’ Club", as included in as one of 10 CDs in the set ~

"Celtic Souls: Irish Celtic Ballads & Traditional Music"

~ from the old Outlet catalog, and which I was able to purchase for a fiver (quids worth) from Switzerland… 😎

#10 of 10 ~ "Celtic Souls: Irish Celtic Ballads & Traditional Music"

10 CDs for a fiver (£5) ~ Support a good thing!!! 😎

Outlet Recordings ~

The previous link no longer exists, here are the other recordings in the set:

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~ also issued as "The Best of Séamus Tansey"

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4.) "Tara Folk: Folksongs of Ireland"
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7 & 8.) “Festival Of Traditional Irish Music, Volumes 1 & 2”

9.) "Cherish The Ladies: Peg McGrath, Mary Mulholland & Kathleen Smyth"

10.) "Armagh Pipers’ Club: Song of the Chanter"