Irish Traditional Concertina Styles

By Various Artists

  1. The Christmas Eve
  2. Barrack Hill
    Eileen O’Riordan’s
  3. Kit O’Mahoney’s
  4. The Mountain Road
  5. The Heather Breeze
  6. The Fairy Child
  7. Johnny Leary’s
  8. The Barn Dance
  9. Sean Sa Ceo
    West Along The Road
  10. The Morning Dew
  11. Spike Island Lasses
  12. Jenny’s Beaver Hat
  13. Toss The Feathers
    Drowsy Maggie
  14. The Mason’s Apron
  15. Miss Galvin’s
    The Kerry
  16. The Lark On The Strand
  17. The Mug Of Brown Ale
  18. Air From Thomas Moore
  19. The Fairy
  20. Ellen O’Dwyer’s Fancy
  21. Apples In Winter
    The Boys Of The Town
    The Carraroe

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Irish Traditional Concertina Styles

Another wonderful LP on the TOPIC label.

Produced by John Tams, Neil Wayne & Tony Eagle - well done lads!

Recorded in Dublin in 1974

No idea if this is now on CD or not. But if not, all I can say is - Why not!

Sonny Murray (Co. Clare)
Mrs Ellen O’Dwyer (Dublin)
Paddy Murphy (Co, Clare)
Gerald Haugh (Co. Clare)
Solus Lililis (Co. Clare)
Tom Carey (Co. Clare)
Michael MacAogain (Dublin)
Sean O’Dwyer (Dublin)

Fascinating stuff & it just let’s you see how far, technically, the playing of this wonderful wee instrument has come in the last thirtry years.

These guys ‘n Gals were the Tradition Bearers and without them, we may never have had the chance to hear the likes of Noel Hill & Michael O’Raghallaigh.

Don’t get me wrong though, there is great playing on this LP & these musicians had a wonderful feel for their music & I take my hat off to them and say a huge THANKS, to them one & all, for keeping this wee beastie & it’s music alive & well for us.

Technically, the stand out musicians would, for me, be Sonny Murray & Paddy Murphy - the ‘Noel & Michael’ of their day!.

However there is also great duet playing from Solus & Tom & the whole thing is just such a wonderful dander into the world of Concertina playing ‘way back then’!

You may be asking why the great John Kelly wasn’t included on this LP? Well fear not. He wasn’t missed, for they actually gave him an LP all to himself - 12TFRS504

Irish Traditional Concertina Styles

Thanks for posting this, Ptarmigan.
I’ve been after this album for some time - not easy to get !
Neil Wayne was at the Mrs Crotty festival this year but I completely forgot to ask him about the recording.
I believe Sonny Murray still lives in Ennis. There was a big celebration for his 80th birthday a few years ago.

Tom Carey and Gerald Haugh were at the Mrs Crotty festival this year and I had the pleasure of playing in sessions with both of them.
Gerald used to play a lot with Paddy Murphy who was, of course, a great influence on Noel Hill.
As far as I know, this is the only recorded material by Paddy Murphy, apart from a couple of tunes on the video “ Come West along the Road“

I will see Neil next week - I must remember to ask. There would certainly be demand for re-releasing this.

I have just asked Neil - I am awaiting a reply


NW tells me this rather meaty box-set will be ready for release at Mrs Crottys this year. More info will be released by NW nearer the time.

“Irish Traditional Concertina Styles” ~ RE-RELEASED!!!

“Irish Traditional Concertina Styles”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 06


& also available as #6 in a 6 CD set ~

“The Clare Set”
The definitive 6-CD archive of Concertina Traditions of Co Clare

I’m all smiles, that these excellent recordings are now again available for the enjoyment of others. I’m hoping someone will get the hint and get this for me for my birthday, in October, the sooner the better, or for Christmas ~ or sooner? I have all these on LP but not at hand, sadly. I mean that too. I have loved all six of the recordings gathered in this set and recommend them highly. Here are the others:

1.) “The Russell Family”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 01

2.) “Bernard O’Sullivan & Tommy McMahon: Clare Concertinas”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 02

3.) “Chris Droney: The Flowing Tide”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 03

4.) “John Kelly: Irish Traditional Concertina & Fiddle Music”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 04

5.) “Tommy McMahon & Bernard O’Sullivan: Irish Traditional Concertina Music of County Clare”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 05

6.) “Irish Traditional Concertina Styles”

Discussion: Clare concertina re-releases on Free Reed ~ 6 w/extras

# Posted on August 8th 2007 by bc_box_player

I have all the LPs these are based on, but this offers welcome additions ~

All 6 recordings include EXTRA TRACKS the LPs do not have!!!

They are marvelous!!! ~ Highly recommended!!! 🙂

you guys, how do you know which player is on which track???i just purchsase the whole damn box set for a ton of dosh last night, and this disc, which to me is the most lovely one, has no list matching player(s) to track…..!!!$#@%&!!!

ceemonster, the additional track artists are given in the accompanying booklet. The others are listed on the back by abbreviation, for example:

SM = Sonny Murray (Co. Clare) tracks 1, 9 & 10
EO = Mrs. Ella Mae O’Dwyer (Dublin) tracks 2, 7, 8, 12, 13, 20 & 21
PM = Paddy Murphy (Co, Clare) tracks 3 & 14
GH = Gerald Haugh (Co. Clare) tracks 4 & 16
SL = Solus Lililis (Co. Clare) tracks 5, 17 & 22 (w/TC), & 18
TC = Tom Carey (Co. Clare) tracks 5, 17 & 22 (w/SL)
MM = Michael MacAogain (Dublin) tracks 6 & 19
SO = Sean O’Dwyer (Dublin) tracks 11 & 15

tracks 23 - 25: Chris Droney
tracks 26 & 27: The Russell Family
tracks 28 - 30: Tony McMahon & Bernard O’Sullivan