The Flowing Tide

By Chris Droney

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The Flowing Tide

Produced by Tony Engle, John Tams & Neil Wayne in 1975 for TOPIC 12TFRS503 stereo

“His reportoire, unlike that of many musicians, is not dominated by the reel and the jig; Chris Droney’s playing is well leavened with the set dances, marches, polkas, hornpipes and slow airs of Clare. Music that epitomizes the true traditional reportoire of one of the finer concertina players of County Clare”

“The Clare Set” ~ #3

The definitive 6-CD archive of Concertina Traditions of Co Clare

1.) “The Russell Family”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 01

2.) “Bernard O’Sullivan & Tommy McMahon: Clare Concertinas”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 02

3.) “Chris Droney: The Flowing Tide”

4.) “John Kelly: Irish Traditional Concertina & Fiddle Music”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 04

5.) “Tommy McMahon & Bernard O’Sullivan: Irish Traditional Concertina Music of County Clare”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 05

6.) “Irish Traditional Concertina Styles”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 06

Discussion: Clare concertina re-releases on Free Reed ~ 3 w/ extras

# Posted on August 8th 2007 by bc_box_player

All 6 recordings include EXTRA TRACKS the LPs do not have!!!

They are marvelous!!! ~ Highly recommended!!! 🙂

And isn’t the Eagle’s Nest the Blackthorn Stick?

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