The Last Of The Travelling Pipers

By Felix Doran

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The Last of the Travelling Pipers

"….proper biographies of both Felix Doran and his brother Johnny should now be compiled as a matter of urgency. They were the last of a great and illustrious line of travelling pipers, and the end of an era; it is unlikely that we shall ever see their likes again. Felix was a great-grandson of John Cash (b. 1832) who maintained the standard of piping in south Leinster and the midlands for over 50 years in the latter half of the C19th."

This is worth getting your hands on for The Fox Hunt alone. His animal sounds are terrific to hear & it’s good to hear the man’s voice too.

TOPIC 12T288 Produced for Topic by Tony Engle
Recordings made in 1965/66/67

I love this recording I own as a 33 for years - was it ever rereleased as a CD?

The question was asked 8 years ago, but I just found this record on emusic, so yes, it’s out there.