Bright Early Mornings

By Mary Staunton

  1. Mother And Child
    Big John
    The Hop Down
  2. Grogan’s
  3. Bright Early Mornings
  4. June Apple
    Muddy Road
    Give The Fiddler A Dram
  5. What Would You Do, Love?
  6. Sarah’s Delight
    House On The Hill
  7. The Green Fields Of Mayo
  8. Trip It Up The Stairs
    Michael Burke’s
  9. Inishcarra
  10. Blue Ball
  11. Cailleach An Airgid
    An Rogaire Dubh
  12. Donncha Ban
  13. Magic Foot

Two comments

Bright Early Mornings

1998 Fuschia Music FM CD 001

Mary is joined by a ‘raggle taggle bunch of wannabees’ on this one, including:
Andrew Murray - Vocals
Frankie Lane - Guitars, Dobro & Mandolin
Alec Finn - Bouzouki & Guitar
Steve Cooney - Guitars, Percussion & Synth
Sharon Shannon - Accordion & Fiddle
Matt Crannitch - Fiddle
Kate Staunton - Fiddle
Trevor Hutchinson - Double Bass
Martin Gavin - Bodhran
John Moloney - Bodhran

Perhaps too many songs (5) on this CD for most folk here, but if you like what Sharon Shannon does, then you’ll enjoy the tune tracks on this CD. Although, with two of those being of American tunes, the ITM fan really only has five tracks to get their teeth into.

However Mary takes things at a lovely easy pace, and with such expert musical accomplices the overall feel is very tasty indeed, but it has to be said it’s more of a - ‘feet up in front of the fire, with a glass of wine by your side’ than a ‘YEEEEE HAAAAA let’s get doon tae the session & let’s rip’!

Bright Early Mornings

I’m a fan of both her box playing and singing so I quite like the album but I would like her to release an album with just Irish traditional tunes. On a recent program of Ceird an Cheol she said she loves the simple tunes. I sense that she could be a good one to listen to for variations on popular tunes…