The Best Of Irish Piping: The Pure Drop & The Fox Chase

By Seamus Ennis

Three comments

Seamus Ennis

This Tape - on Tara 4TA 1002/9 was produced in 1984 & is a compilation from two LPs ‘The Pure Drop’ & The Fox Chase’.

Not being a Piper, I’m not qualified to comment on the playing.
Although, as Seamus was a legend, even in his own life time, I’m sure this is a recording most Pipers will have, or want to have.

Unfortunately there were no sleeve notes with this cassette so I’ll leave the comments to those who either know about Piping or who have the original LPs & can quote.

I can tell you a story though, from my ‘Busking’ days in Dublin. Stop yawning at the back & pay attention!

A piper friend of mine came over from Edinburgh for a few weeks to join me on the street & at the sessions.
While he was over, Seamus was giving a concert nearby & I suggested that my friend went along.
He replied that he didn’t like his playing at all, at all.
However, he did change his mind & was utterly blown away by the man & his music & became a huge fan.

Sadly I went to a session instead, that night!
Well, we all make mistakes, don’t we?

“Séamus Ennis: The Best of Irish Piping” = “The Pure Drop” & “The Fox Chase” = 2 CDs

“Séamus Ennis: The Best of Irish Piping” = “The Pure Drop” & “The Fox Chase” = 2 CDs
Tara Music Company, Dublin, Ireland ~ 1973, Digitally remastered 1995
TARACD 1002/9
CD 1 = “The Pure Drop” = tracks 1 - 16
CD 2 = “The Fox Chase” = tracks 17 - 28 / 1 - 12

~ with a 10 page booklet of sleeve notes too! 🙂