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Encore by Celtic Fiddle Festival

A live recording of the band featuring Johnny Cunningham (fiddle), Kevin Burke (fiddle), Christian lemaitre (fiddle) and Soig Siberil (guitar). It was recorded in various venues in England in September 1997. Most tunes traditional, with the following exceptions:
I Haven’t Heard from Johnny Yet by Christian Lemaitre
Up In the Air by Kevin Burke and micheal O Domhnail
Axcross the Black River by Kevin Burke
All In Good Time by Kevin Burke
Jurrican Bob by Johnny Cunningham
Les Ridee du Printemps by Soig Siberil
Teolina by Soig Siberil
Sandizan by Soig Siberil
Sweeney’s Buttermilk by brendan McGlinchy
Ton Pier Bandoiun by Pier Bandouin
Andro PSG by Gary Kerdoncuff

In addition, The Dark Island was composed by Iain MacLachlan, and Hector the Hero is by James Scott Skinner (neither credited on the CD). The Pub Jig is a fancy version of Banks of the Allen.

Re: Celtic Fiddle Festival: Encore

I had a listen to this again for the first time in a long while. Kevin Burke’s playing on track #1 is about as good as Irish fiddle playing will ever get - near perfection, IMHO.
The lads have especially a great rendition of “Farewell To Ireland” too - track #10.
Reminded me of the night they played at the Aberdeen Alternative Festival, the last time I met up with Johnny - it was a great night ! Happy days, happy memories.