New Celtic Mandolin

By Simon Mayor

  1. Mrs Murray Of Abercarney
  2. Waynesboro
  3. Carolan’s Frolics
  4. Little Molly-O
  5. Dance Of The Water Boatmen
  6. Huish The Cat
  7. Eliz Iza
    Dérobée De Guingamp
  8. Farewell To The Shore
    Ymdaith Gwyr Dyfnaint
  9. Aye La Le Lo
  10. Neil Gow’s Lament For Abercairney
  11. Mount And Go
  12. The Butterfly
  13. The Wasp
  14. Teetotaler’s Fancy
  15. Dark & Slender Boy

Two comments


Not so much a trad album but more classically sounding I suppose than usual. But has some good tunes on it,

With the serious lack of mandolin albums available it makes a worthy contribution to this greatly underestimated instrument.

If only Simon Mayor would team up with Declan Corey and put something together!

Ah well check out Chris Thile and Mike Marshall instead. There not bad! 🙂

Book and DVD

Major has a book and DVD on his web site for learning teh tunes on this CD - just fyi. HAven’t ordered it yet.