Yvonne Casey

By Yvonne Casey

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Yvonne casey

my son brought this cd back from a recent visit to ennis. fun to listen to and a few new and different tunes.

yvonne plays with the Ceili Bandits, a great group, most of whom appear on his recording as well.

Yvonne Casey CD ;;;Dunphy’s Hornpipe not The Phoenix Reel

The link to Hennessey’s Hornpipe on the Yvonne Casey CD leads to the Phoenix (a reel ) also called Hennessey’s according to irishtune.info But it is a hornpipe and I’ve alway heard it called Dunphy’s.

Re: Yvonne Casey

Track 11, “The Frost Is All Over” is mis-labeled. It is Paddy Fahay’s - No. 2 from Holohan index.