All Of It

By Skylark

  1. Fair Jane
    Graham Townsend’s
    Captain White’s
  2. Pretty Susan
  3. The Tryst
  4. Andrew McNamara’s
  5. Siuil A Run
  6. Limber Up
    The New Line To Dublin
  7. All Of It
  8. Ball And Pin
    The Locomotive
  9. In Contempt
  10. Teelin #1
    Teelin #2
  11. The Braes Of Balquidder
  12. Dewdrops On The Corn
    Pat McKenna’s
    Cook In The Kitchen
  13. For A New Baby

Two comments

All of It

This Skylark of 1989 recording on Claddagh Records, featured Len Graham, Garry O‘Briain, Gerry O’Connor with Eithne Ni Uallachain, Eilish O“Connor & Mairtin O”Connor.

the tune Andrew McNamara’s on track 4 is more commonly known as Joe Bane’s and can be found on this data base