An Fhidil

By Various Artists

  1. Paddy Canny’s
    The Graf Spey
  2. The Rooms Of Dooah
    The Walls Of Liscarroll
  3. My Love Is In America
    The Chicago
  4. Ellen Flanagan
    Finbar Dwyer’s
  5. Fahey’s
  6. Paddy O’Brien’s
  7. Hughie Travers
    The Star Of Munster
  8. My Darling Asleep
    Bob Lennon’s
  9. Sergeant Early’s Dream
    The Rock Of Cashel
  10. Anton A’Bhearnais
    The King Of The Pipers
  11. The Salamanca
    Joe Ryan’s
  12. The Queen Of The Rushes
    The Connachtman’s Rambles
  13. Andy McGann’s
    Dr. Gilbert
  14. The Cliffs Of Moher
    The Old Grey Goose
  15. I Buried My Wife & I Danced On Her
    Strop The Razor
  16. Miss Monaghan
    The Glen Road To Carrick
  17. Reevey’s
  18. The Girl That Broke My Heart
    Paddy Ryan’s Dream
  19. Caislean Oir
  20. The Tulla
    The Green Gowned Lass
    The Swallow

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An Fhidil Sraith 1

Featuring the solo fiddle playing of: Martin Hayes - East Clare, Seamus Glackin - Dublin, Maurice Lennon - Co. Leitrim, Sean Montgomery - Dublin, Seamus Thompson - Co. Longford

Gael-Linn from 1978 CEF 068

Although you may well be able able to guess, I’ll detail who plays which track:

1 - Martin Hayes
2 - Martin Hayes
3 - Sean Montgomery
4 - Sean Montgomery
5 - Seamus Thompson
6 - Seamus Thompson
7 - Maurice Lennon
8 - Maurice Lennon
9 - Seamus Glackin
10 - Seamus Glackin
11 - Maurice Lennon
12 - Maurice Lennon
13 - Seamus Thompson
14 - Seamus Thompson
15 - Seamus Glackin
16 - Seamus Glackin
17 - Sean Montgomery
18 - Sean Montgomery
19 - Martin Hayes
20 - Martin Hayes

The sleeve notes talk of this being a three album set.
I have Sraith 2 but does anyone know anything about Sraith 3?

Wrong link #1

“Paddy Canny’s” - track 1, first reel links to a Paddy Canny jig.
The tune played is “The Cottage In The Grove”, similar to this :

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Re: An Fhidil

On track N° 5 played by Seamus Thompson.
the first tune is not a Paddy Fahey’s reel but a reel composed by Sean Ryan named “Bill McEvoy N°1”
the second tune is one composed By Paddy Fahey, “reel N°15”

Re: An Fhidil

Oops, I have made a mistake : the second tune played on track 5 is Paddy Fahey’s reel N°2