By Le Cheile

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Le Cheile - ‘Aris’ - 1978 on INCHECRONIN 7423 - Notes by Brendan Mulkere

Le Cheile were:
Raymond Roland (Co. Galway)- Accordion, Concertina & Bodhran
Liam Farrell (Co. Tyrone) - Tenor Banjo
Danny Meehan (Co. Donegal) - Fiddle
P. J. Crotty (Co. Clare) - Flute & Whistle
Tom Madden - Vocals, Guitar & 5 String Banjo
Kevin Boyle - Guitar, Piano, Mandolin & Whistle

Frank Warren - Concertina on ‘Alan Tyne O’Haro
John Roe - Piano on ‘Maid behind the Bar’

This LP was an early favourite (sorry about the pun!) for me. Good variety of instruments & a good honest traditional style from excellent musicians, one & all. Nice mix of lively & laid back pieces too.

Someone mentioned ‘The Tree Fellers’ as the name of their group & that reminded me of this LP.

Perhaps some of the London guys can tell us how these musicians are doing these days?
Am I right in thinking that Raymond died not so long ago? What about the others?
Are they still going strong?

I’m not from London or anything, but I was friend’s with a relative of P.J.’s and can tell you that he passed away within the last year or two.

Sorry to hear that Jason. He certainly was a fine musician & it’s good to have this recording of his playing.

Aris by Le Cheile

It’s a good 10 years or more since Raymond Roland died, Dick.
I was talking to Kevin Boyle at a session in London this summer and he told me there were plans afoot to release more material by Le Cheile.
When I’ve got a moment, I’ll e-mail Kevin and ask him for more details.

I’d say Raymond must have been a good age?
I really enjoyed that LP.
I wonder, do you know if Raymond was in fact one of the main driving forces behind Le Cheile?

“more material by Le Cheile” Excellent news murf.

I wonder, will that be previously recorded material by the original group, or new material by a new line up?

Whichever, please keep us posted.

Another LP called ‘Lord Mayo’

I’ve got another Le Cheile LP from 1979 titled Lord Mayo, with Raymond Roland and Co. I’ll just have a go at entering the info under a new recording, if I can work out how its done…

CD Release

I was listening to this LP in the irish Traditional Music archive recently and some English fella came up to me and told me that these Le Cheile LPs were re-issued on CD.


Just found my copy of this - great group, and I’m not big on groups in general. Had Lord Mayo and very happy to have one more. Funny that it opens with some Scruggs picking on the banjo.