Ceol Rince

By Sean McGuire with Eilí Ní Mharcaigh

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  1. An Piobaire Ar Strae Sa Mhoinear
  2. Rasai Chill Chainnigh
  3. Plancstai Druiri
  4. Madame Bonaparte
  5. An Fiach
  6. Na Buachaili Baire
  7. Ri Na Siog
  8. Bothar An Loiste
  9. Ríl
  10. Cornphiopa
  11. Port
  12. Plancstai Daibhis
  13. An Marcach Or An Aonach
  14. An Gréasaí Gúirnála
  15. An Rogaire Bui
  16. Cúlú Bonaparte

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Ceol Rince

Sorry, all the sleeve notes are in Irish, but perhaps one of the Gaels on this site will translate the tune titles for us?

Sean McGuire agus Eili Ni Mharsaigh

Gae-Linn CEF 011

Ceol Rince-Dance Music

This record was made specifically for Irish Dancers.It is nearly all Set dances.But it does contain the best version of Lucy Campbell you are ever likely to hear.The reel after it is Grant`s Reel which was recently submitted here.Recorded about 1960 or 61.

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Ceol rince Gael Linn CEF 011

Hallo Session

Nollaig Shona daoibh go léir

I’m sure that this is one of the two LPs which I had of Sean.
The copy I had was in mono.
What are the names of the reels grouped in No.9 “Ril”?

Has anyone a cops of this LP?

I can still find no trace of te other LP I had with the Moving Cloud.
That was a stereo LP.

James D. Greven

Ceol rince Gael Linn CEF 011

Hi there Ianjppd

I have a copy of the this Lp if you would like me to send you it in an email
just drop me a line


Re: Sean Maguire, Ceol Rince

I emailed Johnnythejig a few days ago but got no reply as regards ‘Ceol Rince le Sean maguire’