Regal Zonophone

By Flanagan Brothers

  1. Reconciliation
  2. The Heart Of The Man

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Flanagan Brothers

I posted this old 78 because the two tunes on it are not mentioned in the two FB recordings already posted here.

Made in England - Regal Zonophone - T5157

Flanagan Brothers
Accordion and Banjo, with Piano

Does anyone have any idea when this would have been recorded?

NYC, Oct. 25, 1926, for the Victor label - same session as An Irish Delight and The Night Pat Murphy Died. The Regal Zonophone is probably a slightly later British reissue.

Blimey, that’s great, thanks Kevin. I had hoped for perhaps the year, but you have not only given us the month but also the exact date!

I don’t suppose you know if this was recorded AM or PM & what they had for lunch that day? 😀

From what you say, I assume you actually have a copy of that other recording of theirs that you mention?

No, that info’s from the Discography of Ethnic Music on Record. An Irish Delight’s on the Viva Voce CD, innit?

Fraid you’ve lost me there Kevin. I simply rescued this old 78 from a car boot sale.